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I just got Google TV and was looking around for some streaming porn to fill it up. LOL! Anyway, I’m really into some weird shit so I was afraid that the pickins would be slim. The first thing I did was try and search for midget porn and I searched Google TV and streaming- Boom! I hit on and can I tell you- there is a shitload of great little people screwing. The one I’m about to watch has become my go-to for a while now. The little guy is midget fucking and pumping the shit out of this amazon brunette. She’s got these long legs and a shaved pussy and he just goes to TOWN! And I always cum when she finishes him off sucking his little cock. I love streaming midget porn!

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In this episode, a lonely housewife is seduced by her dyke midget next-door neighbor. The little midget eagerly leads the shy and naked housewife into her bedroom, laying her out flat on her back and getting to work. Soon the housewife has forgotten all about the fact that her diminutive girlfriend is a midget, as the pint-sized carpet muncher tongues her to multiple climaxs. In fact, the sweet blond wife soon gains a lust for that moist midget cooter, probing and licking her friend and then indulging in a steamy 69 that has them both screaming out with pleasure. The wife gets on top, crushing her moist slit down on the midget’s face.

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Two large fatties – one of them a midget – have a hot carpet muncher bang in this rather bizarre girl on girl video. The full-sized fatty is sitting on the sofa when she is aggressively approached by the little midget, who looks quite dykey. The enormous fatty spreads her legs and pulls the midget’s face down into her pussy; however, she’s got so many fat rolls that the midget has to hold her belly out of the way while she eats her out! The oral sex goes both ways, with both horny bitches flicking and licking each other in their hairy holes. The vid ends with a steamy 69; of course, the midget is on top, or else she would get crushed!

I’d just love to fuck a midget

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A lot of my friends think it’s weird how much I love midget porn. I can’t get enough of those tiny legs straddling a regular sized cunt. There’s something so fucking sexy about the idea of grabbing a little person’s legs and pulling my cock inside of her. Just ramming her pussy and then shoving my cock in her mouth for a spectacular midget blowjob! You watch the hardcore videos with these bitches and they’re all ravenous! No hole is off limits either! They’re WILD!!! I’d just love to fuck a midget myself but for now I’ve got to settle for watching midget porno on my iPhone. Someday I’ll find my tiny woman and I’m going to give it to her HARD!

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